Happy teams get results

The most powerful organisations aren't the ones with the most capable C-suite they are the ones with the most innovative teams. Understanding how to build happy, productive teams is the secret to our success.

Smiles all round
Smiles all round
Our Mission

To find the best design thinkers and empower them to learn, grow, and solve problems, together.

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Ingredients for

Skills Growth

Talking at Creative Mornings
Talking at Creative Mornings

Formal learning

We consider it critical to assign time and budget to formal training. We send team members to specific skills courses and regularly close our studio for full team training.

Skill Sharing

Our process and culture is designed to maximise sharing. Co-locating with our clients and with other teams in the studio keeps our tools and skills fresh

Learn by teaching

The greatest way to master a subject is to teach it. Between TRACTOR, the design school we founded and internal skill sharing there are range of opportunities for mentoring new talent.

Ingredients for

Career Growth

Room to grow

MF is proud of the career progression it offers within the business. Team members have gone on to lead their departments, set up new departments and even set up new studios and businesses within Mentally Friendly.

Variety of work

Broad experience and responsibility. Work from start to finish on projects, present your own work, be present at the user test sessions. Work in cross functional teams soaking up all kinds of skills, process and knowledge. Be in control of the success or failure of a product.

Understanding the industry

Changing landscape. We have dedicated our teams to evolving. Offering the most relevant services and using the most relevant tools. For this to work we expect all team members to have active input into the future of their department and MF as a whole. 1% better every day is our goal.

Ingredients for


  • Every opinion is heard
  • Everyone presents their own work
  • Be supported by team leads, not managed
  • Own projects from beginning to end
In the studio

A day in the life


We believe that fun and excitement are key ingredients to great work. Even when the projects are hard we always find time for good times. .


We do lots of studio events, everyones birthdays, studio trips away for the weekend, team dinners, Brew club, board games, book club and other great things that start with B.

The studio

The studio space was designed for productivity and comfort, not showing off to clients. Expect a relaxed environment with all the things you need and none of the fancy white meeting rooms you don’t.

The culture

Open, curious, challenging and friendly are our values. It’s also the kind of people you will find here.

Let's work together

Our promise is to help you grow

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