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Re-inventing the mattress

How we worked with A.H. Beard, Australia’s oldest mattress manufacturer, to make a mattress fit for the 21st century.

Purchasing a mattress is complicated:

  1. You buy a mattress on average every 10 years, but over this time your body’s needs will change. From weight fluctuation or injury to a new partner or new arrival to the family you’ll need a different sleep surface.
  2. The in-store experience is stressful. There’s a huge amount of choice, the price is high, there’s no meaningful way to try before you buy and you have that sales person watching over you like a hawk.

When people say ‘I like this bed’ — they like it when they are awake. But does their body like it when they’re asleep?

Paul Longman, CEO, A.H.Beard

Introducing the mattress of the future

Sleepsense is an adjustable smart bed. So even if you get it home to find it a little soft it’s no problem. It also gives you the power to track how well you’re sleeping and empowers you to act on this information by adjusting your mattress for a better nights sleep.

Sleepsense is controlled by an app available on both iOS & Android.

With the growth of smart technology, everything in your home adapts to you. Automation of your sound system, your heating and cooling, your lights, your security. Why should your mattress be any different?

Paul Longman, CEO, A.H.Beard

Sleepsense changes with you

Whether it’s pregnancy, weight fluctuation or a change of season, Sleepsense is designed to improve your wellbeing by adjusting to you by:

  • Tracking the quality of your sleep — Inbuilt sleep sensors allow you to understand the optimal firmness for your body.
  • Changing the firmness of each side of the mattress — Each side of the bed is individually controlled by the app, allowing you to optimise comfort for both you and your partner.
  • Controlling the base of your mattress — Choose a position which allows you to rest in the most comfortable way.

In terms of the buying process, Sleepsense will be one of the first mattress ranges in Australia with consistent naming, pricing and display over multiple stores, offering only three variations — each with a visible physical difference between them.

The Sleepscore is visual representation of the quality of your sleep

Transforming to a customer-facing technology business

For us to help shift A.H.Beard from a manufacturing company where the release of each new mattress follows a tried-and-tested process, to a customer facing technology company required a re-think of the entire end-to-end service. In delivering a revolutionary product we worked with A.H. Beard to make sure all touch points were considered — from how retail staff go through training to how customer service staff will respond to, and prioritise customer feedback.

What talking to people uncovered

Key learnings from user testing:

  • Keep the physical environment front of mind — We generally design assuming a user’s attention will be focused on the screen, rather than another person or object in the room. Instructions like ‘Tap the side of the bed you sleep on’ resulted in people jumping down to the side of their mattress, rather than tapping the screen.
  • Don’t rely on on-boarding copy, people won’t read it — The attitude “we’ll solve it with on-boarding copy” wont cut it. When excited, the last thing anyone will do is read instructions. No matter how complex your product is, assuming 90% will skip is a safe bet.
  • But when it comes to their personal data, people don’t miss a beat — While on-boarding might be skipped, when it comes to how personal data is collected and displayed, it’s scrutinised. The way data trends and calculations are shown has to be crystal clear.
Test. iterate and test again

Built with the future in mind

Sleepsense is a product designed to grow over time, it’s not a fixed release — it will improve with new features and updates each month as we learn from the data. This means the bed you purchased 6 months ago just offered you an improved experience for free. It’s the Tesla motor car of mattresses.

Michelle Bridges & Dr. Carmel Harrington discussing the importance of sleep at the Sleepsense launch

The fundamental shifts this product represents is the ability to improve the physical product even after you have purchased it.

Nick Gower — Product Director, Mentally Friendly
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